Gallery: Your NFTs elegantly on mobile, web, and wall.

Relive the artistry of your digital collectibles, beautifully rendered and accessible at any moment. Crafted with a singular focus: to deliver the finest viewing experience.

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Life is defined by the art we curate.

In each digital masterpiece, every brushstroke and pixel, intertwined with the intricate dance of blockchain confirmations, lies a chapter of our ever-evolving saga in the metaverse.

Each NFT we acquire, whether from a renowned creator or an emerging artist, echoes our personal tastes, beliefs, and aspirations.

With our app, every piece of your digital art doesn't just exist; it thrives.

An effortlessly charming viewing experience

Every interface element is crafted for pure visual delight and seamless interaction. Among our myriad of views, the standout tiles beckon with their metal-esque allure, edge gloss, and restrained skeuomorphism 鈥 a tantalizing glimpse of design at its finest.

A mobile device showing the Gallery App library view
A mobile device showing the Gallery App favorite view with view options
A mobile device showing the Gallery App detail view of an NFT

Transform your TV into a digital art frame.

Using Gallery and Portal, find the epitome of harmony. Any Android Smart TV becomes a distinguished canvas, elegantly framing your cherished collectibles. Elevate them effortlessly and affordably. For a deeper connection, our Ken Burns effect lets you immerse into the art itself.

The Portal TV App is available on the PlayStore for Android TVs.

A mobile device showing the QR code scanner for connecting to the Portal App.
A mobile device showing the Gallery App with connected Portals.
A mobile device showing the Gallery App with the

Exhibit your collectibles with grace, for kin, friends, and the world.

Crafted for you: a personalized space on Showcase your collection, narrate your journey with a succinct bio, and seamlessly integrate your social touchpoints.

Your username becomes your domain:

A mobile device showing the Gallery App Account view.
A mobile device showing the Gallery App Profile view.

All features at a glance

Multichain integration includes Avalanche, Binance, Ethereum, Polygon, and Fantom.

TV Integration enabled by the Portal TV App for Android Smart TVs and Android TV-Sticks.

Web Portfolio: Your custom subdomain, showcasing your NFT portfolio with elegance.

Avatars: Personalize with fun and distinctive figures, adding a lively flair to your Gallery profile.

Refreshed Interface paves the way for an unparalleled NFT viewing experience, seamlessly merging aesthetics and functionality.

Hide Spam & Scam functionality ensures unwanted collectibles remain out of your view.

Address Verifification ensures only wallet addresses confirmed via web3 are added, safeguarding against unowned additions.

Multiple Wallets: Add more than one wallet to your gallery account.

AES Encrpted , all user data meets the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) industry standard for encryption.

Options: Tailor your collectible viewing with choices like lists and grids.

Search and navigate your digital collectibles swiftly and simply, ending the scroll ordeal.

Quickshare: Show-off your library at lightning speed with our quick & easy share feature.

Multiple Formats: Gallery embraces a myriad of NFT formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG, and video.

Apple iOS is now on the AppStore, catering to all iPhone users.

Google Android: Find us on the Playstore, embracing a myriad of Android devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gallery offer free access?

Indeed! Gallery can be utilized at no cost during the Early Access Period.

Although we are devising a subscription model for the future, we assure you that a free plan will persistently be available.

What actions are being taken with my NFTs?

Gallery neither transfers, deletes, nor modifies your NFTs in any manner. Your NFTs remain securely in your wallet. We simply collect publicly accessible information about your NFTs from the relevant blockchains.

A one-time verification with your wallet is necessary, through which we retrieve your public wallet address. This is done to ensure that only the addresses you have access to are linked to your Gallery account, thereby preventing others from displaying collectibles that do not belong to them.

Can I use Gallery to view my NFTS on a TV?

Indeed, you can accomplish this with the assistance of our companion app, Snifti's Portal, designed for Android TVs. Once the Portal is linked to your Gallery Account, it enables you to exhibit up to 5 NFTs per device.

Kindly be informed that Portal will solely be accessible for Android TVs and will be available in the near future.

Where can i get help?

Check out our help section.
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