The missing photo album
to your NFTs!


Your #1 multi-chain NFT portfolio as accessible and traceable as flipping through a beloved photo album.

Get ready to manage, showcase, and adore your NFTs like never before. Stay tuned, the future of NFTs is almost in your hands! Prep your devices, peeps! We're about to launch on iOS and Android.


Snifti Gallery

Your #1 multichain resource to manage,
view and share your NFTs.

Embrace the future of digital art with Gallery, the ultimate mobile app for your NFT obsession. As the missing photo album for your NFTs, Gallery is here to redefine how you interact with the cryptoverse, and it's all in the palm of your hand.

Multichain mayhem? No problem! Gallery's got your back, merging your NFT collections from different blockchains into one rad interface. Now, you can marvel at your entire digital collection in one glance, anytime, anywhere.

But hold up, we're not just about viewing. Gallery's basic functionality lets you not only add your NFTs but also organize them in your personalized library. And favorites? You betcha! Mark your standout pieces and keep them a tap away.

Ready to flex? We've got you covered. Our app gives you a public profile where you can show off your curated collection to the world. Let others feast their eyes on your impeccable taste and ride the wave of NFT admiration.

We're constantly hustling, injecting hot "sniftilicious" features into Gallery to level up your NFT game. With us, you can manage, view, share, and interact with your NFTs in a way that's as fresh and forward-thinking as you are.

We're here to change the game. Come change it with us.


live on iOS & Android


releasing Q2 2024

Kevin & Daniel

The Snifti Company
Take a deep-dive into the features!


Grab your chance to experience Gallery - the next-gen mobile app crafted specifically for all you NFT-degens. We're here to redefine your digital art journey, one NFT at a time!

Gallery Strikes Back

Stay stoked for what's coming next! Here's a sneak peek of the cutting-edge additions we're loading into the Gallery experience. The future of NFT management never looked so exciting!



Support for Avalanche, Binance, Ethereum, Polygon and Fantom blockchains.


Detail view

All important information about your NFT condensed into one clean interface.



Show-off your library at lightning speed with our quick & easy share feature.



Highlight your most beloved possessions by adding them to your favorites.


Your library

The one place where all of your Non-fungible tokens are living together in harmony.



Get the best of both worlds with our app's light and dark modes - now at your fingertips.


Public profile

Your custom snifti.gallery domain to showcase your NFT portfolio with style.


NFT history

With Gallery, you get all historical transaction information about your NFTs.


100% Flutter

All of Gallery is written in Dart and utilizing the stunning cross-platform Flutter framework. #flutter


Augmented Reality

Get ready to experience your NFTs in a whole new dimension! We will jump on the bandwagon, but the right way. You’ll be able to do some very snifti things with your NFTs, and bring your „show-off“ game into a new universe!


Multiple Wallets

Add multiple wallets, and or wallet accounts to Gallery.


Print to canvas

Order a canvas print directly from Gallery and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. #IRL


Albums & Stacks

Group NFTs to albums, and „stack“ NFTs of the same collection together for a cleaner look.


Deep sea

Better Opensea integration into Gallery for Ethereum and Polygon based NFTs.



Support for Solana, giving your #Sollamas, #DegenApeAcademy, and all others a new place to stay!

The features with a darker background & icons might not make it into the next release. We aim to have them in version 1.1, but we also don’t want to rush-it, and deliver half-baked solutions. Nevertheless, you’ll definitely get them the following release!
Check out some previews below!

Sneak Peek

Get a taste of the Gallery experience with some hand-picked previews! Here's a glimpse of the existing and upcoming features that are set to jazz up your NFT journey. Buckle up, it's going to be a thrilling ride!

Public Profile: Your NFT Stage

Flex your NFT collection on your personalized public profile. Amp it up with a snazzy bio and let fellow NFT enthusiasts vibe with you across different platforms. Turn heads and make waves in the digital art scene!

Available on release!

AR Tags: Make Your Mark in Reality

Immerse yourself in a whole new dimension with our Augmented Reality tags. "Spray" your NFTs in AR, bring them to life in the coolest spots around the globe, and share these experiences on your public profile.

Coming soon to Gallery!

Canvas Your NFTs

Ever fantasized about adorning your walls with your digital masterpieces without breaking the bank on fancy digital frames? We've got you! Gallery is cooking up a slick feature that lets you order top-notch canvas prints of your NFTs, delivered right to your doorstep.

Coming to Gallery in version 1.1 for US, Canadian & EU citizens!

Got some questions? Go ahead to our FAQ!

Gallery: decoded

Unearth the secrets of Snifti's Gallery with our FAQ section, a one-stop destination turning your curiosities into knowledge nuggets. 😋

What makes Gallery stand out?

Gallery is more than an app, it's a launchpad for your NFT journey. It's where you can curate, appreciate, and share your favorite Non-Fungies from various chains, all in one sleek interface - just like a seasoned art connoisseur.

"The missing photo album for your NFTs!"

Does Gallery cost a thing?

Absolutely not! Gallery is yours to explore, free of charge.

But for the NFT enthusiasts who crave more, we have a subscription model in the works. One subscription unlocks all PRO features across our products.

Don't worry though, the PRO plan is designed for those seeking specific features, it won't be a must-have for everyone 🎉.

Who's the driving force behind Gallery?

Meet the dynamic duo, Kevin and Daniel, from Austria and Germany. United amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we founded Snifti GmbH.

Our mission? To create a constellation of reliable, safe, and sexy tools for everyday crypto explorers like you, in the Sniftiverse!

Want to know more about us? Check out snifti.com/team.

Are we releasing an NFT collection?

Indeed, we are! We're all about celebrating the potential of NFTs.

Our Snifti’s Founders Collection will be released in 3 series, each coinciding with a new app launch.

Each NFT in our Snifti’s Founders Collection will also serve as a lifetime PRO membership, granting holders full access to all PRO features across our apps (once available).

The first collection will spotlight 11,111 NFTs, with 2,000 up for grabs in our inaugural GTO.

Which blockchains do we roll with?

As of now, we're vibing with Avalance, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Fantom and Polygon. We're also getting ready to bring Solana to our party - stay tuned!

Are my NFTs secure?

Absolutely! We treat your NFTs like sacred artifacts. We only need a one-time handshake with your wallet to snag your public wallet address.

Rest assured, Gallery won't:

  • Access, withdraw, or transfer your funds or NFTs,
  • Peek at your private keys or seed phrase,
  • Store the actual NFTs.
Got any social features in the pipeline?

Yes, indeed! We're gearing up to roll out features like community NFT exploration, discovery, self-promotion for your own collections, watchlists, likes, release calendars, and much more. We're all about that incremental growth, so expect these updates to drop bit by bit, rather than in one big blast.

How can you show us some love?

The best kind of support? Simply enjoying our apps and spreading the love! Our goal has always been to create “lovable” software for you peeps!

On the horizon, we've got an exciting NFT collection drop with some pretty sweet perks. If they catch your eye, consider getting onboard by adding one to your collection. Your support will help us shape the future of the Sniftiverse!

Need to slide into our DMs?

You can hit us up via email or through any of our social media platforms.

Scroll down to the next section to check out all our social media handles!

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